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Garage Project Bliss Lager Cans 6x330ml

Bliss, a state of complete happiness and harmony. You can find it in the most familiar of things. Sun, freshly cut grass, the smell of a BBQ - in the right combination even the simplest elements can elevate an experience to another level. Brewed with New Zealand malt and Motueka hops, Bliss is fermented cold and stored at subzero temperatures to produce a delicately crisp, clean, easy drinking lager. Simple, familiar things taken to a new level. Drink yourself more Bliss.

Garage Project Cat's Pajamas Can 330ml

Poor old Cream Ale. 'Dumb Blonde' some say. It's not its fault. It's all the sweet maize that goes into brewing it that makes it teeter on the edge of being the 'creaming soda' of beer styles. Then we go and add milk sugar and vanilla and push it right over the edge. Well, you know what, we can't all be rocket scientists! Celebrate who you are, we think you're the Cat's Pajamas.

Garage Project Demus Favorem Amori Can 330ml

Garage Project - DFA is dead, long live DFA. Demus Favorem Amori - 'we choose to stand for love'. DFA, a surprising blend of flavours marrying mango, Vietnamese mint, lime and chilli with the high citrus hit of centennial, amarillo and citra hops. The result is a deliciously intense tryst of bittersweet heat. Tropical fruit and citrus hop character, coming together to create a beer of rich, satisfying balance. Life is all about choices. Choose love.

Garage Project Electric Dry Hop Acid Test Can 330ml

Buy the ticket, take the ride. We?re going on a trip and you?re invited. Never mind the kool-aid, this is the Electric Dry Hop Acid Test.

Garage Project Golden Path Can 330ml

A juicy, hazy, hop bomb with a surprisingly restrained alcohol content. A generous addition of Golden Naked Oats and Mosaic, Columbus and Strata hops create a beer bursting with flavour, with a balance and body belying its moderate strength. A delicious hoppy offering that's more than a match for even the richest burger.

Garage Project Hapi Daze Cans 6x330ml

Hapi, the Maori word for hop, inspires this truly Pacific pale ale. Brewed with New Zealand barley and the best of the Kiwi hop harvest, Motueka, Wai-iti, Riwaka and Nelson Sauvin.

Garage Project Party & BS Can 440ml

East Coast anthem IPA - a big ol' hop poppa of a beer, packing in intense mango, tropical fruit hit from US big guns, Simcoe and Mosaic.

Garage Project Pilsner 'n' Thrills Cans 6x330ml

Pils 'n' Thrills is the Garage's irreverent take on the classic Bohemian Pilsner. German malts combined with American Summit hops create a refreshingly crisp, golden beer with a snappy bitterness and lifter lemon citrus notes.

Harrington's Ngahere Gold Strong Lager Bottles 6x330ml

This bracingly strong drop, a local favorite, was the first commercial Helle Bock born in NZ. It's a German-style lager, characterized by high strength, sweet malt flavors and full body, with the Nelson Sauvin hops putting subtle gooseberry tones against the grains. Everybody has a Ngahere Gold story, if you haven't got one, get one!

Harrington's Rogue Hop NZ Pilsner Bottles 12x330ml

A Bohemian Pilsener style beer brewed by Harrington's Breweries in Christchurch.

Harrington's Yankdak APA Bottles 6x330ml

The brewers hammered hop combos and remeasured malt mixes to work the APA recipe down to the essence of this great New World beer.

Isaac's Classic Apple Cider Bottles 12x330ml

The crisp, refreshing flavour of NZ apples - every sip as is nature intended it to be. Now available - Isaacs Cider with 50% less sugar
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